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Andrew. California.

i feel so broken
i can’t deal

i’ve been a really sexual person lately (like idk why but i’m just on overdrive a lot) and it’s been weird hanging out with my ex because i’m getting really mixed fuckin signals from her, to the point that she’s practically more affectionate now we’re apart than when we were last together, and she hangs out around me in her underwear and stuff

and i know it’s not her fault i’m aroused by these things and i shouldn’t oversexualize body parts and she always hung out scantily clad in mixed company anyway

but when your ex, to whom you lost your virginity, and who has literally the greatest butt you’ve ever seen, gets on all fours and bends over on a bed in front of you, it’s kinda hard to be unaffected

and if she really does consider me just a friend, it almost makes me feel like i was misled about certain intimate things being exclusive to our relationship

tell me if i’m textbook slutshaming or if i’m guilty of the whole “she’s evil because shes sexy” misogynist dribble, i’m just confused and hurt about the state of our relationship then and now?